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Roofing Contractor Seattle – Free Estimates

Monday, April 16th
Do you really know what your are paying for when you have your roof replaced? Did your roofing contractor provide you with a detailed scope of work? A good roofing contractor will provide you with a detailed scope of work so that you can really compare apples to apples when deciding which contractor to choose… [ Read More ]

Roofing Contractor Mukilteo

Wednesday, April 11th
As I was driving through a neighborhood in Mukilteo I noticed a few roofs that had just been pressure washed. While these roofs appeared to be the original roof I found myself wondering if anyone knew what they were really doing to their roof? I understand that a clean roof looks very nice but at… [ Read More ]

Roofing Contractor Woodinville

Thursday, April 5th
Recently I had a call from a customer that had just noticed a stain in his ceiling. He began to tell me a bought the home ten years ago brand new and that he was told he had a 30 year roof. He asked me if that had meant his roof would last 30 years?… [ Read More ]

Mill Creek Roofing Company

Wednesday, March 28th
Regal Roofing & Contracting services all of Mill Creek and surrounding areas. Regal Roofing specializes in steep slope roofing, from installing Cedar shake roofs to designer asphalt composition shingles. If you have a roof that has little to no pitch we also have a solution that will yield a long lasting roof as well as… [ Read More ]

Redmond Roofing Contractor – Steep Slope Roofing

Sunday, March 25th
How much will it cost when it is time to re-roof your home? Today with the rising costs of materials and fuel that becomes a serious question. The cost of labor, materials, trucking and taxes are rising on a constant bases. The other factor that is overlooked is how steep your roof is. The steeper… [ Read More ]

Mukilteo Roofing Contractor – Certainteed Products

Saturday, March 17th
Most of the homes in Mukilteo were built with cedar shakes installed. Cedar shake is considered the Northwest's favorite roof because of the natural look cedar gives the home. While cedar gives the home the look of "rustic elegance" it also is a roof that can fuel the spread of a home fire. With this… [ Read More ]

How To – Advise To Keep From Paying Twice

Friday, March 9th
With the tough economy you will find contractors cutting corners with their business practices. From not paying their taxes to not paying their material suppliers in hopes to make more money to keep their lifestyle going. Eventually it will catch up to the contractor and when it does it can effect you as well. Did… [ Read More ]

Understanding Roofing Quotes – Part 2

Monday, March 5th
Understanding the scope of work will be key as to helping you decide what contractor to hire. Look at each item the scope specifies and be sure to understand what that item is. If you don't know what that item is ask the contractor to help you understand what he has specified. Once you can… [ Read More ]

Understanding Roofing Quotes – Part 1

Thursday, March 1st
As a homeowner you will be faced with the daunting task of choosing a roofing contractor to replace or repair your roof at least once in your lifetime. The roof is one of the most important attributes of protecting your home. It only makes sense to hire a professional contractor who is competent and has… [ Read More ]

Re-roof Season?

Monday, February 20th
Is there such a thing as re-roofing season? Most people will more than likely replace their roofs during the summer months when the chance of rain is lowest. So yes there is a re-roofing season. However, a roof can be replaced anytime. A re-roofing contractor has the knowledge and skill to replace a roof even… [ Read More ]