Cedar Shake Roofing

cedar shake roof

A natural product that has been cut from old growth red cedar.  The grading of the cedar shake determines how much vertical grain is packed into each bundle and is categorized by a premium grade or a number 1 grade.  Regal Roofing & Contracting will only use a premium grade, 100% vertical grain.  The cedar shake can be processed with a treatment that can help prolong the life of it.  They can be treated with a fire retardant, or can be installed without any treatments.  Cedar shakes are commonly milled in lengths of 24” with varied widths from 4” up to just over a foot.  The typical thickness of a cedar shake is a medium butt, ½”, or a heavy butt, ¾”.  They are installed woven into an asphalt saturated underlayment in 10” exposed courses.  When installed correctly a cedar shake roof should be expected to have an average life span of 18 to 25 years depending on the thickness.  A cedar shake roof is the contemporary look of the Pacific Northwest and adds beauty to the look of your home.