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Solar Panels on Asphalt Shingle Roofs vs Metal Roofs

Saturday, February 24th
Standing seam metal roof with solar panels installed. Thinking about installing solar panels on your sloped roof? Solar panels are becoming more popular to install these days. With the future putting more of a demand on the electric grid, solar panels can help with the strain placed on the grid. If you are considering having… [ Read More ]

Are All Asphalt Shingles The Same?

Sunday, February 11th
Laminate asphalt shingle Are all asphalt shingles the same? This is a good question. The manufacturers of asphalt shingles all think their product is the best. First off, what is an asphalt shingle? An asphalt shingle is primarily made up of asphalt, a fiberglass mat and fine granules of rock. However, additives to the asphalt,… [ Read More ]

What Is an Ice Dam?

Sunday, January 28th
An ice dam is caused when ice forms on the unheated sections of the roof. The roof overhang does not get the heat that comes from inside the home. That heat coming from inside the house melts the snow and ice. When the melting snow and ice hits the unheated space, it refreezes causing an… [ Read More ]

Decking Replacement; Joist Replaced Too?

Friday, January 12th
Let's say you have an old deck that is in need of the decking replaced. Can you just replace the decking? We get asked this question a lot. Face it, the cost of decking is not cheap. At the very minimum, the joists should always be replaced to ensure the deck fasteners will have maximum… [ Read More ]

Why Roof Maintenance is Important

Wednesday, December 13th
Your home is your biggest investment. Keeping that investment dry and free from the deterioration is your roof. Most people don't recognize the importance of maintaining the roof. Just as you regularly maintain your car to keep it running in tip top shape, you should do the same for your roof. A yearly maintenance plan… [ Read More ]

Are You Seeing Stains in the Ceiling Around Your Masonry Fireplace?

Saturday, December 2nd
Maybe you have noticed some white streaks running down your brick fireplace. You look up at the ceiling and notice there is some stains in the drywall. However, you don't see any evidence of water on the mantel, fireplace apron or floor. You realize you have a problem but don't know what is causing it.… [ Read More ]

Roof Replacement During the Winter Months

Wednesday, November 29th
Replacing your roof in the winter can be challenging but not for the experienced roofing contractor that specializes in roof replacements. Western Washington is notorious for wet weather during the winter. Both the contractor and customer should expect to be patient and anticipate schedule delays due to the weather. We look at the weather forecasts… [ Read More ]

The cost of replacing a roof can be expensive.

Monday, January 23rd
Over the last few years we have seen a dramatic increase in the cost of replacing a roof. From the cost of materials rising to labor costs. The average cost to replace a roof can cost anywhere from $12,000 and up. Maybe you don't have that kind of money available and your roof is in… [ Read More ]

Moss Resistant Asphalt Shingles?

Sunday, May 4th
Is there such a thing as moss resistant asphalt shingles? The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the mossiest roofs in the nation. Moss is the true green roof, or is it? Many asphalt composition shingles are now made to control the algae and lichens that eventually attach to your roof. These micro organisms… [ Read More ]

Mill Creek Roofing Contractor – Finding a Roofing Contractor

Tuesday, June 5th
When it is time to replace your roof you will want to hire a roofing contractor with the skill and knowledge to install whatever roof you have selected for your home. Finding that roofing contractor can be a daunting task if you don't know of one. Asking your family or friends for the name of… [ Read More ]