Why Roof Maintenance is Important

Your home is your biggest investment. Keeping that investment dry and free from the deterioration is your roof. Most people don’t recognize the importance of maintaining the roof. Just as you regularly maintain your car to keep it running in tip top shape, you should do the same for your roof.

A yearly maintenance plan for your roof should include the following: 1) Air blowing the roof clean of debris. Do not have the roof pressure washed as it will damage the roof. 2) Cleaning debris out of the gutters and making sure the downspouts are free from obstructions. 3) A visual inspection of all roof penetrations and overall roof covering. 4) Applying a moss treatment if necessary.

A maintenance plan that includes the mentioned items on a yearly basis will help extend the life of the roof and catch most issues before they become an expensive problem. If your house is surrounded by trees, then it would be wise to implement a bi-yearly maintenance program. Once in the spring and once after the first wind storm of autumn.

At Regal Roofing & Contracting, we offer a maintenance program. Please contact us to assist your with maintaining your investment.