Roof Replacement During the Winter Months

Replacing your roof in the winter can be challenging but not for the experienced roofing contractor that specializes in roof replacements. Western Washington is notorious for wet weather during the winter. Both the contractor and customer should expect to be patient and anticipate schedule delays due to the weather. We look at the weather forecasts and rely on our experience to find a window to perform the work.

Replacing a roof with a steeper roof slope is much easier to find that window. A flat or very low pitched roof proves more challenging. With the steeper roof pitch, the weather becomes less of a factor. A very low to flat roof becomes more of a challenge. A multi-day weather window is needed for the very low sloped roofs. We never leave a roof uncovered over night.

Regal Roofing & Contracting has the experience to make sure your home is kept dry during the inclement weather. Contact us to help you with your roof replacement during the winter months.