Understanding Roofing Quotes – Part 2

Understanding the scope of work will be key as to helping you decide what contractor to hire. Look at each item the scope specifies and be sure to understand what that item is. If you don’t know what that item is ask the contractor to help you understand what he has specified. Once you can understand what each contractor has suggested in the scope of work then you will be able to compare pricing more effectively.

If you are ultimately looking to have a quality roof installed then common sense should help when you look at the bids. A quality roof will consist of components that are usually made of heavier materials and manufactured to certain quality standards. Roofing components can be usually found in two different types of quality. Take for example plastic vents versus metal vents. Plastic will tend to degrade under the sun’s ultraviolet(UV) light whereas UV light has no effect on metal.

Make sure the bids reflect proper ventilation of your attic. Building code requires a certain ratio of attic ventilation to square feet of attic space. A properly ventilated roof will assure your new roof will last as long as it is made to last. Your contractor should be able to tell you how much ventilation is required for your home in terms of the required ventilation ratio.

Your home is your investment and hiring a contractor that will look after your investment with your best interest in mind is the contractor that will provide you with a quality roofing job. Be sure to do your homework on the contractor before you invite him out to prepare a quote for you. If he is not licensed, bonded, insured and is not paying the sales tax you will not have any recourse in the event anything happens to you or your property.