Seattle Roofing Contractor Season

Don’t we live in a great state? The beauty this state offers is a trade to the weather we get. Don’t get me wrong the weather can be absolutely gorgeous when it wants to be but can be down right nasty for a roofing contractor. Most people think of home renovation during the summer when the weather tends to cooperate. This for a roofing contractor is also known as roof replacement season. Not many people consider replacing their roofs during the winter and early spring months due to the fact of the weather. If only those people knew!

A good roof replacement contractor operates the business year round and knows how to negotiate what Mother Nature throws their way. The good roofing contractor is prepared to keep your home dry for the duration of the project even in the most adverse weather conditions. Once the old roof is off they will install the waterproof underlayment in such a manner that it will keep your home dry without the new roof installed. Then they will throw a tarp over the area to be doubly sure the roof is weather tight.

Most people don’t realize this but during the busy summer months of the roofing season the prices tend to be generally higher than the off season. The laws of supply and demand also work in roofing. Make sure the roofing contractor you hire is experienced in roof replacements and have him explain to you his plan to keep your roof weatherproof during the roof replacement process. Why not schedule your re-roof project outside of the re-roof season as it will save you money and can still get a quality job!