Roofing Testimonials

Dear Marc / Regal Roofing:

Thank you for the great job you did on the torch-down roof of our house in Lynnwood.

I was very impressed with the quality and efficiency of your work. From start to finish you showed confidence in your abilities and what you said you would do, you did. Your crew was on time, they worked hard and left the area around the house clean as if they were never there! I will definitely use Regal Roofing again and will recommend you to our friends and family.

Best regards,
Teri K.

On August 4-6 this year, Tony Balaoro of Regal Roofing and his crew of three arrived at our home to replace a much-deteriorated cedar shingle roof that was original with the house, i.e., around 35+ years old. By the end of the first day, they had most of the old roof — some 2,900 square feet– stripped off; on the second day, they had its surface and the old paper under the shingles all stripped off and cleaned; they then threw bales of new shingles onto the roof and began to lay them out and nail them down. By the end of Day 3, Tony and the crew had completely replaced and finished the job, including installing leaf-guard screens in the gutters around the entire house — after first cleaning out those long-neglected gutters — and also replacing the deteriorated wood siding of the chimney.

The three workers were as efficient a crew as we’ve ever seen — they were just amazing … competent, focused, and also courteous, good natured, and good humored. At the end of the third day, one of the crew took a broom and carefully went around the paving — driveway, walkways to & down the side of the house — sweeping up any debris that had evaded the round-up. We believe he came up with a dustpan or two of scraps … no more! (The main debris went onto a big truck that hauled it all away in a single trip.)

The new roof looks beautiful and will last for as long as we need it — no, far longer, actually … but we have no regrets or reservations in recommending, without any qualification, Regal Roofing’s competence, efficiency, and skilled crew. We intend to recommend Regal Roofing to anyone we may meet in need of a new roof and its various amenities.

Bob and Lorna D